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The popularity of TV programmes such as Strictly Come Dancing has brought Latin American and Ballroom Dancing back into the nation’s consciousness and revived memories of those days in our youth when we too had far too much energy for our own good and were able to take part in the heady world of Dancing competition.

The members of the Penge Latin American Formation Teams, widely famous in their day due to Strictly’s forerunner Come Dancing and of course the fame of the teams founder Peggy Spencer M.B.E, spent countless hours training and rehearsing their routines purely for the fun it brought. We thought it was about time that the memories of that effort which brought so much joy to so many were finally brought together in one place for the whole world to remember and appreciate.

In addition we hope that this site will inspire future generations to take part in dance sport and particularly formation dancing, and maybe…..just maybe… persuade the former members of these teams and many others to carry on dancing or take up dancing again.

This site was built entirely from scratch by Lynne and Nick Tolhurst, who did it purely for the fun of it and take nothing from it except the joy of remembering those past dancing days. We will never forget the fun it brought us and the friends we made.

We’d like to send heartfelt thanks all those who have contributed items to it already and all those who will in the future.

In it’s first year this website will be funded by us. However we would appreciate donations which at the end of the year ( February 2019 ) will be used to fund the website for a further year, with the remainder going to charity ( Click Here )

Lynne Tolhurst ( nee: Shanks )

& Nick Tolhurst

As we were then, and…..

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