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I didn't come into the team as Gillian (or Jill) Day until 1965 and was partnered with our team captain Ray Rouse.

We're trying to remember some of the music and it's amazing what we have forgotten, surprizingly enough, since dancing was our life. The music we had was very traditional as we danced the Cha Cha, Rhumba, Paso Doble, Jive and Samba.  We remember dancing to Rock Around the Clock, Spanish Gipsy Dance, The Wedding Samba (which we had when Carol and Mick Spencer married), Wheels Cha Cha, Spanish Eyes, Zambezi...

I'm sure many members of the team throughout the decades will be delighted to see photos that they may never have seen before or that will refresh their memory of a fun time where we got to travel and meet people along the way.

We're very proud of being a part of such a wonderful sport.  Peggy and Frank we will never forget.  They pushed us hard to be the best we could be and we didn't want to let them down.  They always supported us and we will be eternally grateful to them for giving us such a great youth.

Gill Day ( Eke ) & Ken Eke.

By the time the team had disbanded, Eleanor Judd had married Jeff Rushby, Lisa Riis had married Ray Rouse; Janet Pettit (my BFF at school) had married Tony Rouse (Ray's brother), Carol Piper had married Mick Spencer some timer earlier and I married Ken Eke.

We now live in Franklin, Tennessee, south of Nashville, and have lived in the States for 25 years.  Even so, we still keep in touch with several of our friends who won top titles also as Latin couples, some of which have made dancing their successful career as teachers and Adjudicators.