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Firstly some fond memories.

Taking medals at the Royston with my mum peeking through the balcony curtain. Medallist completions at Crystal Palace and Hammersmith Palais . The strength of character of Maureen Fox .

Being part of the many dance groups all learning at the same time.

Learning a new party dance. Bustop, Latin fever, Slosh...

Sitting in the right hand booth of the stage at the Rivoli at Wednesday evening class with my Mum and Dad and their dance friends .

Classes and private lessons with Peggy, Joan, Maureen, Bill, Alan, Ron, Steve, to name a few at the Regal and the Rivoli.

Suzanne Atkins (Now Newbert )

The coach trips to competitions whilst I was in the formation team and hotel stays in Blackpool. The fun we had getting hair and make up done with our Mums . The fund raising events .

Performing , a demonstration for Peggy's 70th birthday celebrations. This was just the start for me .

So I commenced my dancing career at the age of 5, trained at the Peggy Spencer School of Dancing for over 20 years, where I became a member of her All Girls Formation Team. My first steps were taken as I watched my Mum and Dad have a lesson , my first medal at 5 years, my first competition, my first dance job all under the watchful eyes of Peggy.

I then took to the competitive world of dancing with my partner for nine years, representing England in international competitions . My career culminated with becoming UK and All England 10 dance champions.

After qualifying as a Ballroom and Latin dance instructor I lectured, taught and performed all over the world including many contracts with Holland America Cruise Line.

I performed and was a private dance tutor for the Brunei Royal family for 6 years.  This wealth of experience then lead to being performance director for a touring dance show, 'Burn the floor' in the UK and Australia.

Throughout my career I have managed to adapt my skills to move through various phases of my life. Since having my two boys I have taught dance exercise classes, Zumba, Fitsteps, Ballroom and Latin courses, At present I teach at a David Lloyd Health Club and in my own local community.

I am now excited with being involved in a new venture and looking forward to adding some glitter ball fun on the dance floor giving an extra special sparkle to a strictly retreat in Spain.

I was so lucky  to get an incredible foundation at the Spencer Dance Centre and I will never forget the wonderful lady who put me on my career path alongside the amazing support and coaching of my competitive chapter.

I will be forever grateful to Peggy Spencer and Geoff Hearn.

I keep dancing , having known Peggy through the eyes of a little girl . The lady that gave my Mum and Dad that something special to do together every week . Who took my hand the night I was watching my parents learn because I was wiggling around on the side of the dance floor. The person who noticed my brother, missing out, goodness me he was a boy, he was never going to escape once he entered the room, she soon whipped him into shape and before he knew it he was in a brown catsuit and an orange frilly shirt and in the formation team.

Andrew , Andy had fond memories of this time too. It also meant he could always dance with me ,which was very special, especially as we got older. All those years Peggy MADE me dance as a boy . I cannot thank her enough as my teaching career has been so much easier. Her discipline and passion for dance stays with me and helps me through the day to day struggles of life , not just dance.

This special lady, also had one of my dog's puppies,  Terry (Wogan) who became Frank's companion whilst she was teaching.

I now get that same pleasure Peggy always did when you have a room full of people that enjoy dance . The same strength and determination to carry on no matter what.....

Keep Dancing !

( I will all the time my body let's me ! )

Suzanne Newbert

Limelight Dancing